Registering for twins can be a daunting task. I remember having a million questions, especially because I was a first-time mom.

Where do I register?

What items do I need duplicates of?

How do I know how many diapers/sleepers/bottles I will need?

Today we will address the very first step in the registry process: deciding where to register.

Online vs. Store Baby Registry

There are essentially two types of registries that you can make:

  • An online store, such as Amazon and BabyList
  • A brick & mortar store, such as Target, buy buy Baby, Babies R’ Us, Walmart, or local store

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to register. Chances are, you will be having a baby shower of sorts. Even if you don’t expect gifts, you will have needs, and a registry will help you organize your needs. There is such thing as pregnancy brain, and you don’t want the unexpected side effect of accidentally buying the same thing three times.

Will your baby shower be close to your home or will you (or others) have to travel? If there’s any traveling involved for you or your guests, you may want to have some ship-to-home options.

What is the average age of friends and family who will be buying your gifts? If your family is an older crowd, you may want to ensure there is a brick & mortar option, as they may not be comfortable with shopping online.

Consider the Completion Discount

Most stores will offer a completion discount, meaning that if things are not gifted to you from your registry, you have the option to buy leftover items at a discount. Usually, you will be given the coupon codes 2 weeks before baby arrives, to be used within a couple weeks or months. This is a huge benefit and you can potentially add items you forgot after the fact to take advantage of the discount.

Welcome Gifts

Many registries offer the perk of a welcome box or basket when you open a registry. This usually has 3rd party samples and coupons, and can be a nice perk.

How Many Registries?

There are many differing opinions on this. Some will say to only register at one place, and otherwise will recommend diversifying with more than one store. Ultimately there will be many factors in your decision.

I personally went with two registries, & Target. I made sure that items were divided pretty equally among the two, and I did some basic price comparisons to make sure that the item I wanted was on the registry where it was less expensive.

Benefits for Gift Givers

My baby shower guests had the option of shipping items to my home (which was common, since I live 300 miles away from family) or seeing things in person if they wanted. If they had Amazon prime, there was plenty of free shipping options.

Benefits for Gift Receivers

For me, I had minimal items to carry in/out of the house since many items were shipped. The registries were easily managed online, which helped me keep track of thank you notes. Return/exchange options were easy. I make so many of my decisions based on reviews that it was not important for me to see things in person first. I did my entire registry from the comfort of my couch (with a bowl of mac & cheese balanced on my belly).

Top Recommended Registries (and their perks)


We live in a digital, 2-day shipping age. There are very few people who don’t subscribe to this way of life. I think if you had to register at only one place, Amazon is the way to go. “Alexa, register for twin babies.”

Click here to see all the details of the Amazon Baby Registry!

Let me count the ways in which Amazon was an amazingly seamless registry experience.

  • I did not have to lift a finger. I registered from my couch and gifts arrived at my front door.
  • The return policy is excellent; most items I could return/exchange within 90 days
  • They kept track of my thank-you notes
  • I could add an item from any site to the registry!
  • There was a 15% completion discount (for Prime members-10% otherwise) that I could use 60 days prior to the due date until 60 days after. This turned out to be helpful as my twins arrived 2 months early!
  • The diapers rewards program (for prime members) awards you with $100 in diaper credit for every $1000 worth of items purchased from your registry

Click here to start an Amazon Baby Registry for free!


As I mentioned above, my other personal registry experience is with Target. This ended up being an excellent choice, and I ended up getting a mix of gifts that were purchased online and in store.

  • Again, no fingers lifted. I could have registered in store but went with the from-the-couch option.
  • It was super easy to return/exchange. I didn’t have to do much of this but when I did, I got a bonus trip to Target!
  • The completion discount resulted in two 15% coupons: one to be used online and one to be used in store
  • Bonus! A sweet welcome kit (pick up in store) with coupons and samples

Click Here to Start a Target Baby Registry!


While I didn’t personally use BabyList, I have heard great testimonials. It’s another one-stop-shop option for your baby registry, and for good reasons.

  • Add any item from any site
  • Free insert cards for baby shower invitations
  • Link to other registries on other sites
  • There’s an app!
  • Option to request help and favors as well as start cash/savings funds


There are many baby registry options, and honestly, it’s hard to do it wrong. Remember to consider convenience for both you and your gracious gift-givers…and have fun!


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